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About us

Closed Joint-Stock Company «Sivelga» is one of the leading players in the footwear industry market of the republic of Belarus. Among others are Closed JSC JV «Otico», JV «Belvest» ltd, «Marco, ltd», «SanMarco, ltd», JSC Grodno Shoe Factory «Nieman» and others.

Our share in total output of the national footwear production accounts for 5,5%.

Footwear factory «Sivelga» was established as the company with limited liability in April, 30, 1996. Such companies as Minsk Footwear JSC «Luch» and Joint Belarusian-Italian venture «Amico» were among main shareholders.

The company «Sivelga» was founded and officially registrated in May, 5, 1996.

Nowadays Closed JSC «Sivelga» operates as the enterprise specialized in production of dress and casual genuine leather footwear for men, women and teens.

The company has a history of the ten-year work. During this period some achievements have been made. Among them are:

We stand for progressive development of our production, its expansion and its consolidation. The main efforts are aiming at accumulation of circulating capital, technical maintenance of the rented premises, improvement of the age-structure of the applied equipment, and in the first place, earning the profit when conducting main directions of our business activity. All these make the basis for solving common social problems.

We constantly perform studies dealing with prediction, design and permanent renewal of our product line, establishing contacts with our buyers, carrying out the wise investment and finance policy.

In 2007, in the first half-year, JSC «Sivelga» accomplished the project on introduction of Quality Management System in accordance with international standards ISO, 9000 series, in National System of the Republic of Belarus. In September, 2007, JSC «Sivelga» was successfully ISO certified and received the Compliance Certificate of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart).