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Shoe care

Leather footwear

Usually footwear is cleaned from dust with a rubber brush. In order to restore the color, to luster the surface, and to protect the footwear from undesirable impact of the environment it’s necessary to cover the surface with a thin layer of a color or transparent cream polish. After 3-5 minutes use a brush or soft cloth to brush and polish the cream. In case the surface color is damaged use special color spray to eliminate such a defect.

In case the footwear upper has a «worn-up effect» remember such leather has a special means of finishing that makes it look «old and worn-up». Thus increasing in wearing unequal self-wiping of the leather layer is an ordinary process and it is not a defect. Such kind of finishing only underlines the original design and individuality of the footwear.

Footwear with stuffed leather upper should be brushed with a special cream containing oiling components, without further polishing.

Patent leather footwear

Remove dirty surface with a slightly damp cloth and after that with a dry one. Cover the surface with flaxseed oil and polish with flannel cloth. In case you have footwear with patent leather upper of a «rumple effect» remember the increasing of crumple lines on the front surface do not worsen wearing characteristics of the footwear.

Nubuck and suede upper footwear

Use rubber brush for cleaning it from dust and dirt. Spray the cleaned surface. After the spray is dry completely use a dry brush to bring the nap up.